Alex, Store Support Centre

I joined five years ago, when we were part of Home Retail Group and although I hadn’t heard of them, I knew Argos, Homebase and Habitat well as a customer and thought they’d be great to join because of their positive reputations. I saw the Group as a whole as a brilliant development opportunity.

"It made me feel recognised as a professional"

“I was right, because I’ve worked in seven or eight different roles since, which has been fantastic for me because I’m ambitious and like to learn quickly. My managers have helped a lot with my development. Right from the start, they saw I was keen to do a good job and progress, and they’ve always put a lot of faith in me.

Starting out in the Learning Solutions team, I moved up to Team Leader and, from there, to a position that took me to Shanghai. It made me feel recognised as a professional, but it was also a personal turning point for me, because I had to leave my family and friends for two months.”

"There’s always something new and exciting going on.”

“If you’re a ‘nine-to-fiver’ who’s not interested in the work culture, this place wouldn’t suit you. We all work hard, but it’s also an open, people-based environment, where everyone likes to make things enjoyable. (In fact, our current crop of new recruits can’t believe how friendly everyone is.) Because our market is constantly changing, there’s always something new and exciting going on. And now we are part of Bunnings there’s lots of changes happening and it’s great to be a part of it.”