Manoj, Retail

I’ve been here for about 20 years now. I started out stacking shelves, but because Homebase are really good with progression and development, I’ve come a long way since then. My first big move was in-store, when I became DIY Manager. Then the opportunity to train people on a new computer system came up, and I moved out of the store and started working in the field. Before long I was an expert and I was able to become a Systems Advisor. Then seven years ago I moved to Head Office, and I’ve been working my way up here ever since.

"The work’s so varied it’s always interesting."

“I’m now Acting Store Costs Manager. Heading a team of five, I’m responsible for the allocation of payroll and expense budgets to all our stores. I also manage store services like waste control, pest control and cleaning. There’s a lot to do, but because the work’s so varied it’s always interesting. The people here are great too: we socialise a lot and often go out to lunch together during the week.”

"My main aim is to keep growing and progressing"

“My immediate goal is to be confirmed in my current role, and after that I’ll see where things take me. I’m not one of these people with a fixed career path in mind: I look out for opportunities and for what’s best at any given time. My main aim is to keep growing and progressing within Homebase.”