Paul, Merchandising

I’ve worked at Homebase for 26 years. When I joined, Homebase was a fledgling business owned by Sainsbury’s where, as a Buyer, you were just a small cog in a very big wheel. But now you have more freedom and it’s more enjoyable. It may sound a bit strange, but you’re encouraged to take risks and to try new things, which means that, sometimes, you’ll make mistakes. I think that’s very healthy. You’ll never change or improve if you can’t do that.

"We’ve managed to raise more than £290,000 for some great charities"

“Trying new things led to one of my proudest achievements here: founding the annual charity golf day. I got the go-ahead from the Managing Director back in 2006, and I organised the first event in 2007. Even though we had just 15 teams, we managed to raise £10,000 for the British Heart Foundation. Eight years and eight golf days on, our average turnout is more than 170 players. In total, we’ve managed to raise more than £290,000 for some great charities.”

"I’m happy at the level I’m at now"

“I’m currently heading up a team of eight people in bathrooms and bathroom accessories. I’m happy at the level I’m at now, and don’t feel the need to move up any higher. Instead, I’m putting my expertise to good use in areas such as the Commercial Academy, where we train Buyers. Along with other experienced colleagues, I help run the courses, teaching tactics and drawing on real life situations that I’ve been in. There are some real young stars on the way through, which is great to see.”

"It’s a lovely culture to be a part of"

“I’ve been approached by other potential employers in the past, but Homebase has always looked after me and I’ve always been happy to stay. When the HQ moved to Milton Keynes, my wife and I took the decision to relocate there because I still wanted to work for the company. And why wouldn’t I? My remuneration is good, it’s a lovely culture to be a part of, and I have great managers. I genuinely look forward to going to work.”